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Your trusted source for modern tactical firearms training in San Diego, California.


Tactical Pistol Classes

We offer a variety of pistol classes based on your background and ability level.  Choose from our Pre-Tactical Pistol class for Novices (first-time firearm owners/shooters), our Level 1 Pistol class for Beginner to Intermediate firearm owners/shooters with some experience, or our Level 2 Tactical Pistol class Intermediate to Advanced shooters.  We also offer CCW classes for first-time and renewal applicants.  And a new and exciting Shooting from Concealment class for existing CCW permit holders!


Tactical Rifle Classes

Our Level 1 Tactical Rifle class is designed for Novice and Beginner shooters with zero to some rifle experience.  Our Level 2 Tactical Rifle class is for Intermediate to Advanced shooters who have completed our Level 1 and Tactical Pistol Level 1 classes.  In Level 2 Rifle, students learn to shoot from a variety of positions, move tactically, and transition from their rifle to their pistol moving and working in teams.


Tactical Shotgun Classes

Our Tactical Shotgun class is designed for Beginner to Intermediate shooters.  In this class and all of our tactical classes, you will learn about safety, proper handling, principals of marksmanship, zeroing, carry/ready positions and tactical shooting fundamentals in an outdoor range environment.  After zeroing, students will practice various range drills, including shooting from squatting/sitting positions, re-loading/recovery and tactical movements.

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